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Lancashire, England


Heather is a concept artist and graphic designer currently working at Quarry Fold Studio for theme parks, primarily Liseberg in Sweden, but also Dafto Land in Sweden along with other attractions such as Kokpunkten (energy action centre in Sweden). She has previously worked on 'Wunder Kids' a 2D TV series as a character designer and games including ‘Score’ released on Steam mid 2016. She graduated for the University of South Wales (formerly Glamorgan) with a first class honours degree in animation and gained a MA in animation the following year. Heather constantly challenges herself always striving to improve and learn as much as possible to help her create the art she loves. Having a broad knowledge of animation and design software including Photoshop, Illustrator, Premier Pro and After Effects, with a background in fine art gives her the ability to work both traditionally and digitally.


Please use the form on the right or contact her at heather_hainsworth@outlook.com for freelance work, job opportunities or just to say hello!

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