I am a concept artist, illustrator and graphic designer in the themed entertainment industry currently working at Quarry Fold Studio. Over the last five years I have primarily created artwork and concepts for Liseberg theme park in Sweden, but also Dafto Land along with other attractions such as Kokpunkten (energy action centre). My skillset ranges from attraction concepts, interior design for restaurants, signage design, merchandise and much more. I'm the lead artist for Kaninlandet at Liseberg but I also work on many other attractions and seasonal events throughout the park.

I have always loved theme parks, developing this passion on my first visit to Orlando when I was just 4 years old. I have since travelled all over the world visiting theme parks and other attractions with family, friends and colleagues to gain an understanding of what it is like to be a customer as well as a creator.

Lancashire, England


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Senior Concept Artist - Quarry Fold Studio

Ongoing Projects

Liseberg's Grand Curiosa Hotel - Interior design, graphics, general and wayfinding signage.
Liseberg's Oceana Waterpark - Graphic design, illustration, general and 
wayfinding signage.
Liseberg's Luna Park - Graphic design, signage, illustration.
Jul På Liseberg (Christmas at Liseberg) 2022 -  Art direction, concept art, illustration, graphic design, signage.

Completed Projects


Tomtehuset - Art direction, concept art, graphic design, signage.
1923 Restaurant - Interior design, concept art, illustration.
The Green Room Restaurant  -  Interior design, concept art, illustration.

Kaninscenen 2021 stage shows - Posters, props.
Korthuset - Graphics, signage.
Jul På Liseberg (Christmas at Liseberg) 2021 - Graphics, signage, Julius Skridskoäventyr (Julius house redesign, posters and graphics), Kaninlandet decoration & presents. 


Underlandet - Initial concept and story, facade specifications and design, graphics, signs and illustrations.
Morotsresan - Art direction, concept art, illustration, graphic design, signage.
Bergs Bistro - Illustration, graphic design, signage.


Lisebergbanan - Station, graphics & signage re-design, merchandise.
Balder - Station, graphics & signage re-design, merchandise.
Kaninscenen 2019 stage shows - Posters, set, props, costumes.
Skogen - Poster, logo.


Valkyria - Station house concept art, graphics and signage.
Kvarnteatern 2018 stage shows - Set, posters, costumes, props.

Slänggungan - Illustration, graphics and signage.


Vinden - Marketing, graphics and signage.
Kvarnteatern 2017 stage shows - Halloween and Christmas shows props, set and posters.
Hotel Gasten - Signage re-design.


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