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Tomtebyn Map.jpg
After the success of Tomtehuset in 2021, for the 2022 season Liseberg set out to expand that IP and create an entire village dedicated to the nisse (elves) and Tomtefar (Santa Claus). The scope of the project was phenomenal, with the ambition to transform the entirety of the Myths and Legends area and most of the harbour area purely for the Christmas season. Every shop and food outlet was transformed and there were completely new additions such as the Nisseädventyret (elf adventure), where guests could purchase a map and hunt for the elves around the village, a new stage, several new shows and an awful lot to see, do, hear, smell and taste! I've never been to a park that was so immersive just for the Christmas season and it was my pleasure to art direct and illustrate across the whole of Tomtebyn, helping to bring this new area to life.
Images courtesy of Liseberg.
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