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Video courtesy of Liseberg.
Tomtehuset was a fantastic project to work on. Tomtefar is beloved by many children around the globe and no matter what you call him wether it's Santa Claus or Père Noël, if you celebrate Christmas with children he will probably play a key role in it. Tomtehuset has been at Liseberg for numerous years now but prior to this year it has always been very subdued and rustic. When redesigning it I wanted it to still be authentic and use naturalistic materials, however I wanted to add that pop of colour and spark of joy. Always keeping the story of the wishlist and letter to Santa in mind each section was clarified to help guests understand how their letter turned into a gift lovingly produced by the elves. We raised everything up to make you feel truly immersed and so that the younger guests could see everything over the railings. The addition of the new main sign outside really advertises this attraction which can only be experienced at Christmas.
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